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Salon Hours are Appointment Only from Monday to Saturday

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This company believes in health first, then hairstyle. Determining your hair isssue helps the hair technician to individually tailor the right treatment program for your hair. If repair and growth are possible after joining  and graduating  from the hair enhancement  program, you will enjoy after care treatment for your now naturally healthy hair. Seeking and ensuring hair success is the main principle of Sweet Serenity LLC.

Sweet Serenity LLC acknowledges the importance of hair coverage, confidentiality, comfort and customer care. This company provides a private and professional atmosphere and hair program which utilizes non- surgical hair enhancement and replacement for all potenital clients with both hair loss and hair thinning issues. All potential clients must have a phone screening and then be scheduled for a FREE  consultation before any and all services are rendered. If you require immediate attention, please email sweetserenityllc@gmail.com.


Hair Styles - Hair Replacement with Hairpieces, Wings, Microweaving, and Microstitching Salon    


Salon Hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm