Sweet Serenity LLC

Hair Program

Consultation required before any services are rendered. All services performed in a private environment to ensure the client's confidentiality and comfort.

Since 2004, Sweet Serenity LLC has graduated 304 people from this revolutionary hair health program. This 3-year hair program is geared toward the preservation of a client's naturally growing hair. The hair program is tailored to each individual client. With the use of a Matrix Unit Hairpiece, hand-tied wefts, lace pieces, and following a detailed hair regimen, the client will receive great results and learn the simple steps to maintaining their healthy head of hair.

Nylon Monofilamen Durable Netted Base

The Matrix Unit Hairpiece

This hairpiece is a 2-ply nylon monofilament durable netted base in which human donated hair is attached to by the use of a hand-tied technique. The hair is attached strand by strand to ensure multidirectional mobility. Hair is protein treated, so the cuticle layer lays in one direction for optimal and easy maintenance. The hair and net are reusable for up to 3 years with proper maintenance. Hair does not have limited movement like a weft or a track. It comes in most colors, textures, and density.


A consultation must be done before any services are rendered. Please be on time and have the area of concern available for hair analysis. If you are an underage potential client, you are required to bring a parent/legal guardian with you to consultation.

Year 1 Sprouting

The hair goal is 2-4 inches of new growth. Removal of all damaged ends.

Year 2 Stabilizing

The hair goal is 6-7 inches. The hair is all at the same length and density.

Year 3 Success

The hair goal is 8 inches and/or longer. The client no longer needs the matrix unit hairpiece. The client graduates from the program with their own healthy hair.

Lady With Long Blonde Hair Long Hair Flowing Over Back of Chair Woman With Long Hair