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Serenity Stitch

Consultation required before any services are rendered. All services performed in a private environment to ensure the client's confidentiality and comfort.

Serenity Stitch™ includes the use of a nylon monofilament thread that is looped around 12 to 20 strands of hair to make each serenity stitch. This creates an invisible base used to attach any hairpiece to your actual hair. Your actual hair can be pulled through the hairpiece, which will lay flat down flush to the scalp. Your hair will look like it is growing straight out of your scalp.

With Matrix Hair:

  • Full Head: $1000-3,500 (Hair Included)
  • Sectional Head: $600-2,000 (Hair Included)

BeforeBefore Full Head Serenity Stitch

After Full Head Serenity Stitch

Before Partial Head Serenity Stitch

After Partial Head Serenity Stitch


Use of the Serenity Stitch™ Process with hand-tied wefts/tracks for a flatter look. Used only if the client wants non-chemical highlights or a small amount of added fullness.

  • Full Head: $500-$1,500 (Hair Included)
  • Partial Head: $50/ per row (Hair Included)

BeforeBefore Full Head Cross-Stitching

After Full Head Cross-Stitching

Before Partial Head Cross-Stitching

After Partial Head Cross-Stitching